FORWARD / ТМ "Старая Сказка"

    Package design for semisweet wines.

  • Vagrus / Вина в BiB
    Vagrus / Вина в BiB

    Design for a series of 3-liter “Bag-in-box” packages of dry Chilean and semisweet Italian wines.

  • Vagrus / Плодовые вина
    Vagrus / Плодовые вина

    Design for a 2-liter “Bag-in-box” package of semisweet fruit wines. 

  • Ismail / Tetra Pack
    Ismail / Tetra Pack

    Design for 1-liter packs for a series of semisweet wines.

  • Wine Style / Tetra Pack
    Wine Style / Tetra Pack

    Creation of design concept, packing design, pre-press

  • Белвингрупп / Cruzarez
    Белвингрупп / Cruzarez

    Label design for a Spanish wines.

  • KАХЕТИ / Фруктовые вина
    KАХЕТИ / Фруктовые вина

    Design for the original series of fruit semisweet wines.

  • Белвингрупп / Copa di Vino
    Белвингрупп / Copa di Vino

    Set of labels for a series of Italian table wines.

  • BAHUS / Chateau Bachus
    BAHUS / Chateau Bachus

    Series of Romanian wines