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    The task was to develop a design for 1-liter packs for a series of semisweet wines produced in Ukraine under the “Ismail” trademark.


    While working on the packing design for the wine line in question, the agency’s specialists have considered a list of requirements set by the client. First, it was necessary to create a bright and attractive modern design that would make the product stand out on the shelf. Besides, the packing peculiarities should be also taken into account, as well as the regional character of the drink itself.

    The presented design concept is based on a composition consisting of several equally important elements. First, each product features an image of a grape cluster and a full wine glass corresponding in color with the contents of the package. This element emphasizes the natural aspect of the product and its quality. Second, each position features an illustration that reflects the spirit of the presented variety. For example, for a port wine it’s an image of a sail ship docked near a castle. Third, it’s the bright and colorful palette of the packing. All the colors are intense and vibrant, attracting the customer’s attention. But at the same time the overall image isn’t kitsch and there’s a balance between all the elements. 


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