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    Wine Style

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    The agency had to develop a design for 2-litre packages for a series of dry and semisweet varietal Russian wines.


    Naturalness, freshness and quality – these are the things the consumer expects to get with a pack wine, usually considering such products inferior to bottled wine. That’s why the packing design for such a line of wines should emphasize the aforementioned qualities and make it more attractive for the potential buyer.

    The agency’s specialists have created a concept that can be characterized as tempered, fresh and natural. The main visual element and eye-stopper of the composition is the wine glass, the contents of which correspond in color to the contents of the package. This makes the process of selection much easier and more intuitive, while also emphasizing the product’s continuity with respect to the bottled version. The combination of a white background and a photorealistic image of a vine on the foreground amplifies the natural and fresh character of the drink. All the necessary information is presented in a neat and laconic manner that doesn’t distract from the harmonious composition.


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