Vagrus / Плодовые вина



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    The task was to create a design for a 2-liter “Bag-in-box” package of semisweet fruit wines. 


    While working on packing design for fruit wines one should always consider certain features of such products. First, it’s the fruit character of the drink that should always be reflected in the packing design, Second, it’s the historical aspect of this type of drink, which is closely associated with the Far East where such products were known for millennia. These two aspects were taken into account by the agency while working on this project.

    The overall color scheme was intentionally chosen to be light, with bright fruity spots on a white background. On one hand, such a solution amplifies the freshness and juiciness of the photorealistic fruit images. On the other hand, this, when combined with the stylized inscriptions, creates an impression of an oriental painting on a white sheet of paper. This illusion is amplified by the use of semitransparent characters in the background.


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