Design concept development, label design, trademark design, pre-press

  • Et Cetera Spumante
    Et Cetera Spumante

    Complex trademark design, progressive brand development, design concept, label design, pre-press

  • Pinot Grigio
    Pinot Grigio

    Design concept development, label design, trademark design, pre-press

  • Бухара

    Design concept development, label design, trademark design, pre-press

  • Sangria

    Design concept development, label design, trademark design, pre-press

  • Древний Ташкент
    Древний Ташкент

    Complex trademark design, design concept development, label design, pre-print

  • Vinaria din Vale
    Vinaria din Vale

    Redesign of an existing brand, amplification of visual accents, increase of packaging attractiveness


 One of the most important factors when it comes to sales of any product is a good and effective packing. The sales of your product are directly affected by the packing of your product. Our agency works in the field of creating packing design. Because the first step to drawing the buyer’s attention to your product is an attractive and memorable packing design.

For each and every buyer the product packing plays a very important role, since it’s the first thing they see on the shelf. Its role becomes even more important when you see how many similar products are there to choose from. Of course, the packing can carry out different functions, for example, it can serve as a wrapping or decoration, or a gift wrap or serve a different function. Our packing design specialist will take all the requests and features into account in order to make sure that in the end you’ll get exactly what you’ve expected. In many cases the buyer’s choice is primarily determined by the product’s packing. That’s why creating an effective packing design is one of the things, which will determine the success of your product will be on the market.

The creation of product packing is necessary for an effective promotion because the packing is the product’s main advertisement Right now there’s an overabundance of products on store shelves, and you need a good packing to really stand out, which is exactly what our company is good at. It will draw the customer’s attention and make them pick your product over the rest of the offers. The price for packing design creation is linked to your requirements towards the packing. But you can rest assured that the design will be effective, beautiful, memorable and will perfectly fit your product. 

Our work isn’t only about creating bottle label designs. We don’t stop at making a pleasant visual that will make the product stand out on the shelf. Our philosophy is based on going deeper, working on the brand’s essentials for each project. We don’t start working on a packing design by playing around with fonts and illustrations. We start it by deconstructing the product in question to its basics, analyzing its competitive environment and the place it should take.

When creating a design we are driven by the idea that lies at the heart of each brand, its market position and the goals set by its producer. Packing is the main language of communication between the producer and the potential buyer. So the main message should be presented in the most concise and clear manner, reflecting the product’s very essence. Only by doing so, it is possible to draw the buyer’s attention and make the product truly successful.

When approaching the professionals at ShumiLoveDesign agency you’re approaching real professionals on the domain of packing design and branding. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and hundreds of successful projects for clients all around the globe. At the same time, each project involves an individual approach, deep understanding of the product in question, and the creation of effective and relevant design. That’s why when it’s time for a serious project we are the first to call.