FORWARD / ТМ "Старая Сказка"



  • TASK

    The task was to develop a package design for semisweet wines according to the client’s initial idea.


    Considering the peculiarities of the packing type and a certain bias towards product quality in such packing shared among consumers, this project required a solution that would overcome this perception and emphasize the product’s quality.

    The presented design concept is based on photorealistic images and natural textures. The main background for the packing is an image of a pile of wine corks that all have their distinct texture and color. Over this pattern, we have images of vines and a stamped paper scroll containing all the information regarding the product. The overall color scheme is based on soft and natural tones, which serves the purpose of emphasizing the quality of wine in the package and persuading the buyer that there is no difference compared to the bottled version of the product.


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