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    Bachus Buzau

  • TASK

    The task was to create a set of labels for quality wines produced by the Romanian company "Bachus Buzau".


    The client’s main request was to create a packing that would reflect the high level and quality of the product. That is why the agency developed a design concept based on a temperate and minimalistic style, in which the main channel of communicating the main message of the brand is the interplay between different compositional elements.

    The packing may look rather simple at first sight. However, upon a more detailed inspection many different nuances come to light. First, the label was printed on a special pearl paper that makes the product stand out on the shelf. Second, in order to draw attention to the main elements of the composition they were processed with golden foil, which gives the writings an additional volume. Third, the short story of the brand was placed on the main label, which is rather rare for vintage wines.

    As a result, the packing looks temperate and minimalistic, all the while outlining the status and exclusivity of the product. Upon a fast glimpse one gets the impression of a special drink that is so good and refined that it doesn’t even need a vibrant and attractive design.

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    Project “Chateau Bachus” has been published by the design community WhyArmadillo - is a community of people, who are interested in design from both aesthetic point of view and the marketing possibilities it wields. It is a compilation of the newest and most unique designs:


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