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  • TASK

    The task was to create a design for a series of 3-liter “Bag-in-box” packages of dry Chilean and semisweet Italian wines based on the existent designs of corresponding wine bottles.


    Creating a packing design for bag-in-box wines based on an already existing bottled version design isn’t a trivial task. In this case it’s not sufficient to take the existing design and simply place it on a larger format packing. One should take into account the peculiarities of the packing type and its perception among the potential buyers, as well as the possibilities associated with a larger visual surface.

    In order to emphasize the relation to the bottled product line from the same producer, the agency’s specialists have completely recreated the bottle packing design without any edits. This way by placing an image of an already existing bottle brand with a recognizable design, it was possible to emphasize the common character of the different packing types and the product’s quality. However, in order to amplify the message, the packing also features an image of vineyard and winery. The packing shows the potential buyer where exactly the bottled wine was produced, and states that the wine in the box isn’t any different. The information is presented in a minimalist style and features only the basic information, whereas all the main product descriptors are already present on the illustrated bottle label.


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    Vagrus / Плодовые вина

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