Белвингрупп / Copa di Vino


    СООО «Белвингрупп»

  • TASK

    The challenge was to develop the logo and a set of labels for the series of Italian table wines "Coppa di Vino".  


    The main accent in the solution for this project was the desire to highlight the product’s country of origin. And since the trademark offers quality Italian wines, the main spotlight was taken by the image associated with Italy by most people – the Roman Coliseum. Based on this image all the other elements of the label were executed in a pseudo Ancient Roman manner.

    The stylized image of the Roman Coliseum takes the larger part of the label, the whole field of which is executed in white for white wines or vinous for red wines. The informative and graphic elements placed in this field feature special fonts resembling those common to the Ancient Roman culture. They were also processed through gold foil stamping for additional volume and noble look. The stylized image of a vine with grapes in the right part of the label enriches the feel of an Ancient Roman illustration and outlines the rich history behind Italian winemaking.


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