KАХЕТИ / Фруктовые вина


    ООО "Кахети"

  • TASK

    The task was to develop a “pet-pack” design for the original series of fruit semisweet wines.


    The packing design for this series of fruit wines required the communication of the main peculiarity of the product – its unique fruit flavor that resembles traditional wines but with a twist. The agency’s specialists have decided to put the main emphasis on this mix of tastes and create a design concept that would look bright, juicy and informative.

    The main visual element of the composition is the photorealistic image of the fruit that corresponds to the product’s flavor. The image is framed by a dynamic jet the color of the drink in the packing. This creates an illusion of a fruit whirlpool that is ready to burst from the package. The use of smooth white background amplifies the impression of freshness, juiciness, and emphasizes the fruity composition. The product information is placed in the lower part of the packing and features a strict and neat style, which gives the packing a modern and appealing look.


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