• Bon Appetit
    Bon Appetit

    Design concept creation, trademark design, label design, pre-press, photo shoot

  • Жемчужина Азова
    Жемчужина Азова

    Design concept, trademark design, label design, pre-press, organization and execution of photo-shoot


    Creation of design concept, product positioning, organisation and execution of photo-shoot, pre-print

  • Букет Молдавии / Шампанское
    Букет Молдавии / Шампанское

    Development of concept-design, label design, organisation and execution of the photo-shoot, pre-print

  • Vinaria din Vale / Вино
    Vinaria din Vale / Вино

     Rebranding and launching a new trademark "Vinaria din Vale"

  • SATIR CLUB / Gran Cantaro
    SATIR CLUB / Gran Cantaro

    Label design for a series of Spanish wines

  • SATIR CLUB / Bordeaux
    SATIR CLUB / Bordeaux

    Set of labels for a line of French wines produced in the Bordeaux region

  • Acorex / Kagor
    Acorex / Kagor

    Label design for the fortified wine of the Cahors variety produced by “Acorex Wine Holding”

  • KVINT / Выдержанные вина
    KVINT / Выдержанные вина

    Creation of design concepts, label design, advertising material design, organization and execution of photo shoot, pre-press

  • SATIR CLUB / Il Cammino a Roma
    SATIR CLUB / Il Cammino a Roma

     Series of Italian wines