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    Vinaria din Vale

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    The main task was to rebrand and launch a new trademark "Vinaria din Vale". The main peculiarity of this project was keeping the original name as well as the main image of the company – the silhouette of a stork. Besides, the design had to outline the national and regional lineage of the product. At the same time there was also a request to position the product among quality, status wines for successful and modern consumers. The design for this line of wines had to look original and unique – which would also serve as the company’s distinctive feature.


    The developed trademark has served as the main element for the product’s label design. The main intent for such a solution was to draw more attention to the market’s newcomer and make its name more recognizable. Another important element of the design is the image of stylized feathers coming from the stork’s wing. This splashy element has become one of the most prominent features of the company’s entire range of products, which serves very well in terms of product distinction among the competitors. Another remarkable detail is the label’s circular design, which fully wraps the bottle. One of the “stark’s feathers” is actually the point where the two edges of the label meet.


    The printing process involved such post-printing techniques as foil stamping and the use of tactile varnish. Artistic matte paper was chosen as the base for the label.



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