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    The task for this project was to create labels for a series of mature wines produced by the Kvint company from Tiraspol. There was a necessity to highlight the historical aspect of these wines, and at the same time make the product more relevant to the current trends in product packaging.


    In order to emphasize the special status of this producer’s matured wines the agency’s specialists have decided to put the main accent on the product’s continuity and high quality. That is why the overall style of the packing is presented in a temperate and classic manner, while label’s main emphasis is put on the historical aspect of the trademark.

    The Tiraspol winery Kvint was created based on the Prince Wittgenstein’s winery in the end of the 19th century. It is this old winery that is placed in the lower part of the label. The overall style of the packing is dictated by this illustration and represents a strict classic composition with a minimum of decorative elements and rather specific fonts. The stylized crest of the company enhances the overall composition and highlights the historical aspect of the image.

    The label production process involved the use of special artistic paper with a certain texture as well as the application of printing and post-printing techniques that allowed to enhance certain elements of the label.


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