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    Satir Club

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    The task was create a set of labels for a line of French wines produced in the Bordeaux region


    While working on this project the agency’s specialists have focused their efforts on creating an image that would be identified as classic French at first sight. That’s why the basis for the design was influenced by Old World packing traditions with their temperance, minimalism and even a certain degree of visual thickness, which places the main emphasis on the bottle’s content and not the exterior.

    Temperate color scheme based on black, white and nuances of red and gold, traditional French wine fonts, high quality artistic paper with a unique texture, tactile varnish and foil stamping processing of certain elements. At first sight the package may look simple and minimalistic. However, upon detailed inspection it is easy to see the abundance of details that form a complex and temperate image. It’s namely the temperance and elegance that were put on the forefront in this project.



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