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    S.A. "Acorex Wine Holding"

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    The main task of this project was to create a label design for the fortified wine of the Cahors variety produced by “Acorex Wine Holding”


    While working on this project the agency was required to consider the cultural aspect of this type of fortified wine in the target audience. In the target region, Cahors wine is first and foremost a church drink used in certain rituals of the Christian Orthodox church, and its consumption is usually associated with specific religious dates. That’s why the packing for this product aims at reflecting this quality, but at the same time do it in an elegant and not too obvious way.

    The agency presented a concept based on the stained glass effect common for churches of various confessions. Combined with the unique bottle shape, specially selected fonts and graphic elements in the lower part of the label, the stylized image of stained glass windows creates a vivid and memorable impression with slight religious connotations. However, it doesn’t provide any direct links and doesn’t tie the image to a specific religious tradition.

    In order to amplify the label’s effectiveness the production process involved the application of specific printing and post-printing techniques that put a stronger emphasis on certain elements of the composition.


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