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    The task was to develop a design for a series of Italian wines produced under the "Il Cammino a Roma" trademark.


    The development process for this range of Italian wines was dictated by the desire to create a minimalistic design that would also be visually expressive and able to communicate the product’s country of origin. It was this desire that served as the basis for the proposed solution for this project.

    The overall label composition is executed in a black and white color scheme with occasional nuances of crimson. The style can be characterized as a handwritten letter, in which the author made sketches of several Roman landmarks. The epistolary theme is further supported by a selection of handwritten fonts and a stylized mail stamp, which features technical details regarding the product.

    Thanks to the use of special artistic paper and the application of tactile varnish in certain elements, the overall composition obtains a higher level of resemblance to an actual letter. At first sight it may look like someone just wrapped a bottle with a letter and put it on the shelf. It was this exact impression the agency was looking to achieve with this concept.

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    Project “Il Cammino a Roma” has been published by the design community WhyArmadillo - is a community of people, who are interested in design from both aesthetic point of view and the marketing possibilities it wields. It is 
    a compilation of the newest and most unique designs:


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