Evening. Wine. Design.

17-11-2016 Evening. Wine. Design.

Last Thursday, the Chisinau wine bar Invino became the first place to feature a wine tasting of a new kind. Of course, the main topic was wine, and it was the drink served during the event. However, the unique aspect of this night was the role of our agency as the main host for the event, and the shift of accents to an industry, which is overlooked by most people very often. We’ve talked about wine label design.

The Moldovan winemaking industry is widely known for its wines and the peculiar visuals they come with. To a certain extent it’s a merit of the agency’s creative director, Valerii Shumilov, who took part in the creation of some of the most iconic brands in the local industry. And this was the main theme of the tasting, with six different wines, the design for which was created by Valerii.

But we certainly didn’t want to turn the event into a dull and boring lecture. Our main goal was to create a pleasant atmosphere and put forth a dialog between the designer and the people, who probably never thought about the role the design plays in the development of wine brands. Judging by the comments we got from the participants, we’ve managed to do just that:

“The impression is very positive, and not because of wine (which was also good), but because of the atmosphere. A laid back conversation between very different people, with new and interesting information, which makes you relax and gives you food for thought” 

Ecaterina Cioban

«I've enjoyed the unusual and interesting format of the event for our city, interesting stories and people, laid-back atmosphere»

 Alexander Metiolkin

The tasting took the form of a conversation, with the necessary technical introduction to each wine carried out by the Chairman of Moldovan Somelier Association, Mihai Druta. After the comprehensive description of the presented wine variety, Valerii Shumilov took the lead and shared the story of each brand’s creation, the goals of the winemaker at the initial stage of brand development, and other interesting details from the backstage of Moldovan wine scene. Some things have come as a surprised even for the industry professionals:

“I knew a lot of things from the winemakers’ point of view, but the things Valerii shared with us were quite surprising, since I didn’t take much though about a design agency’s role before. Now I’ve changed my view of the designer’s input, and this was made possible thanks to this tasting”

Mihai Druta

“I’ve changed my attitude towards the work of a designer to something resembling a neat work of art. A seemingly simple wine label can wield a huge story, if not an entire company’s philosophy. Now, when I take a bottle of good wine, I involuntary take a closer look!"

Anastasia Plakidina

In our line work we quite often face certain prejudices and misconceptions regarding the role of designers in a brand’s development. As the conversation took place after each wine was tasted and discussed, the guests have confirmed these misconceptions. 

Most people think that a designer’s role is strictly reserved to tasting the wine for inspiration and making some nice looking picture to fit the bottle. Should we say, people were surprised to learn about the amount of work carried out by a design agency before even the first concept is developed. This what the tasting participants have to say:

“I’ve discovered branding and design this night. Valerii is a very charming and interesting host, which turned the simple process of “drawing” into a mystery, history in the making. Previously I thought that the content of the bottle is more important. I’ve changed my opinion.”

Irina Iasibash


“I’ve gained the understanding of label design creation process, the feeling of scale and what’s hidden within. I didn’t know anything about it before, so I want to thank the event organizers for such an unusual format, experience and new knowledge!»

Janna Keller

The main goal of this event was the possibility to show people from outside the domain what design is all about. To submerge them into the process of design creation, show them what a branding agency does and what role it plays in the creating of successful wine brands.

If you take into consideration the feedback from people who made part of the tasting, we can surely say that the complex task we’ve set ourselves with was fulfilled and the main goal was reached. However, we wanted to do it in a laid back and pleasant ambiance, in a new format that would allow the people to relax, enjoy themselves and learn something new in a light-hearted conversation. Mix business and pleasure, if you will. And judging by the fact that the most frequently used ward in the feedback we received was “soulful”, we’ve managed to pull it off!

"Personally, I would like to say that we did it. And there’s a good reason for congratulating ourselves. The format of this tasting is a new format for night in the city. A night that features an interesting conversation, allows you to make new acquaintances, broaden own knowledge, assumptions and horizons. And, of course, an evening in a great place with high quality wines. I want to extend my gratitude to Invino for the support in making this event come to life. It’s really pleasing to see such a relevant, stylish and cozy place in the city, where you want to spend your time."

Valerii Shumilov

Photos from the event


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