Masquerade Ball Save Life

16-11-2016 Masquerade Ball Save Life

I want to write this post personally. Our life is beautiful, and our world is a wonderful place. Each day there’s a possibility to enjoy and rejoice the fat of Life, this world and the paths that are open to us. However, sometimes we cannot escape the fact that our world is not perfect.

I want to write about those, who are less fortunate than we are. I want to write about children, who need our help right from the moment of their birth. 

ShumiLoveDesign agency took the role of a partner in the Christmas masquerade ball, organized by the charity fund "Save Life" ( under the patronage of EU ambassador’s wife. We’ve taken upon ourselves the development of all the visual media for this event, which will take place in Radisson Blu hotel, on the 4th of December 2016, with the goal to raise funds for treating severely ill children.

First of all, I invite everyone to this event. Your personal participation can help one more child. Reservations by telephone 079 00 38 38. 

My deep conviction is that business has to be socially responsible. There’s a mission in everything that we do at SHLD – and I’m telling this without showing off or promoting myself – we improve and develop the design community, give the push for growth to new specialists, help the development of medium and big business of our clients. And when we can – we help out those who are less fortunate in life than we are. 

The involvement in such charity projects as "Save Life" ( is our modest contribution to a noble and very important cause of helping children in need of treatment.

Each of us has the possibility to make a contribution.

Sincerely yours,
Valerii Shumilov.

Creative director


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