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    The comprehensive branding: bottle design / brand identity / logo design / packaging design


    A large, interesting and challenging project. In this project we carried out the development of a set of tasks, such as: creative brand-concept development, bottle design, support of the corporate brand style (preservation of the recognizable "dnk" of the brand), packaging design.

    We were tasked to create a new brandy to be launched in higher price segment. This series of strong drinks includes ordinary and vintage brandy. At the same time, the general appearance of the product had to correspond to a high status, look premium, stand out advantageously on the competitive shelf, offer the consumer a new image of the well-known brand of brandy.

    First of all, we should pay attention to the bottle - we suggested an asymmetrical solution, which looks advantageously on the shelf, and the bottle itself is comfortable in the hand. It also makes the branding concept asymmetrical, which makes the product look modern, unexpected and attractive. With all its appearance the product conveys the idea of a status, successful, desirable product, which you want to enjoy with friends.

    In addition to the basic classic cognacs, this line includes innovative brandy-based strong drinks:30-degree drinks with cherry, apricot, coffee with cream, hazelnuts and chocolate with vanilla flavor. This is a great offer for those who want to try something new, not classic, unexpected.

    The bottle is designed in a way that is equally suitable for both classic cognacs, whose consumers are men, and for innovative drinks with a flavor and lower alcohol degree, whose consumers are women.

    The label printing involves the use of advanced post-printing technology, which gives the appearance of the product refinement and distinguishes the product on the competitive shelf.



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