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    Vinaria din Vale

  • TASK

    The agency was set a task to create a logo, corporate identity, advertising materials, exhibition booth as well as a series of wine labels for the wine trademark Vinaria din Vale. All the materials had to be based on the trademark’s local flavor, and at the same time, to reflect on its modern character.


    The agency has created several design concepts based on the task set by the client. The final version features a concept based on the image of a stork’s wing. First of all, the stylized image of the bird in the trademark’s logo gives a firm idea of its regional origin, since the stork image was used by the Moldovan winemaking industry for decades. The stylized image of the stork’s wing on the other hand has served as a base for the wine label, advertising material and exhibition booth design. At the same time, the temperate color scheme, fonts and overall style have given the designs a modern feel. Thus, the final design concept combines the traditionalism and modernity of the trademark. The production of advertising materials and wine labels involved the application of various printing and post-printing techniques.

    Wine label design for the series of mature wines "Vinaria din Vale"


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