Heritage / Бренд



  • TASK

    To create a logo, corporate identity and advertising material design for the Heritage international educational center. 


    The drawn image of a tree has served as the main design element for all the materials of the project. This image serves as visualization for the concept of “growth”, which in turn is the main idea behind the educational center’s activities. Besides the tree image the design also features dynamic elements in the form of leaves blown by the wind, which enhance the liveliness of the overall composition. Bright and juicy colors further amplify the feeling of dynamics, growth and brightness while looking through the various advertising materials.


  • Previous Project
    Vinaria din Vale / Бренд
    Vinaria din Vale / Бренд

    Trademark design, design concepts, corporate identity, advertising materials, copywriting, pre-press

  • Next Project
    EQUINOX / Дизайн ТМ
    EQUINOX / Дизайн ТМ

    Development of concept-design, label design, organisation and execution of the photo-shoot, pre-print

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