"Firma de Exercitiu" project


Within the framework of the logo development for this governmental project a special seminar called “Saturday Storm” was held with the most active participants. It was a unique experience for the agency and a chance to share our experience with the younger generation. Moreover, and more importantly, we’ve succeeded in involving the actual students of the "Firma de Exercitiu" project into the development of the logo.

As a result of “briefing” and “brainstorming” we’ve determined the main traits of the future development and outlined the criteria for the resulting work. 

There were 3 concepts created for future development:

1. Tree + bulb (growth, development, team)

2. Leaf + paper (growth, development, start, office work)

3. Compass + timer (path, goal, task formulation, achievement)



The students themselves, рunder the supervision of the agency’s specialistsу, have created a large number of sketches, which were used as the foundation for the logo itself.

Concept #1 (tree + bulb):

Concept #2 (leaf + paper):

Concept #3 (compass + timer):

As a result, of all the concepts offered by the agency, the first one was selected and we’ve continued working with it:

In terms of this concept, the first logo was selected. So we continued refining it, checking different fonts and looking for a better expressiveness in colors:

As a result this logo was chosen by the client:

We found this version somewhat unfinished, so we took on our usual formality and took it to its final flawless state:

Working on this logo was a voluminous, wide-scale and long-term project. We would like to thank our Austrian partners for the trust they’ve given us and the fruitful collaboration we’ve enjoyed during this project.

Check out the final solution:

Naming, identity, material design for the educational seminar "Saturday STORM":

The thanksgiving letter from the Austrian Cultural Society KulturKontakt Austria:

Agency as the partner in organizing and executing the seminar:

Photos from the seminar: