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    S. A. "Alfa-Nistru"

  • TASK

    The task was to develop a design for 1-liter for a series of fruit juices.


    While creating the design concept for this range of natural juices the agency considered the main aspects on which is based the process of purchase for such products: naturalness, freshness of the ingredients and the beneficial health impact. That is why the proposed design concept is based on a juicy and natural color scheme and photorealistic images.

    The general package composition is built upon the interaction of several graphic elements. Photorealistic images of fruits carry out an informative function, telling the consumer the type of juice in the box, as well as an emotional function, confirming the natural, fresh and beneficial character of the drink. The image of a juice jet illustrates the color of the product, attracts the attention, and continues the theme of freshness and health benefits. The main informative block in the center of the package describes the type of the product as well as its color thanks to the special color-coding for each type of fruit in the product line. By using a saturated but not too vivid color scheme in the images, the packing emphasizes the natural and beneficial nature of the product. 


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