ТМ "Кубанская Винодельческая Артель"



  • TASK

    The agency had to create a design for 3-litre “Bag-in-box” packages for a series of semisweet and dry wines produced by the Russian company «Kubanskaia Vinodelcheskaia Arteli».


    The process of creation of a design concept for bag-in-box wines is usually associated with the producer’s desire to emphasize the authenticity and quality of the product. Since the average consumer has a bias towards any type of packing different from the common wine bottle, the design for such a package also serves the purpose of persuading the buyer that this is a quality product.

    In order to achieve the goal the agency’s specialists have created a design concept based on the idea of a winemaking chateau. Stylized images of vineyards and wine chalets are very common in traditional wine bottle labels. However, the packing’s large format allowed using a more detailed, vibrant and juicy illustration that depicts the place where the wine was produced. Depending on the type of wine, the landscape color scheme is either daylight bright or dusk subdued. Informative blocks are presented in a classic style and arranged so that they don’t get in the way of the artistic illustration.


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