FORWARD / ТМ "Старая Таганка"



  • TASK

    The task was to develop a package design for a series of semisweet wines based on the client’s idea.


    The main goal for this project was creating a design that would emphasize the product’s quality and show that wine in a box isn’t in any way inferior to that in a bottle. That’s why the presented design concept is based on an image of a wine bottle in a gift box.

    In essence, the presented design concept represents a design for a traditional wine bottle. There’s a neat label with a winery illustration as well as an information block with the necessary technical data on the product. And this design is overlaid upon a photorealistic image of a wine bottle secured in a wooden box. At first glance the potential buyer gets the impression that it’s an ordinary wine bottle in a box. Only upon closer inspection the consumer realizes that it’s a different packing type altogether. This way the design communicates the idea of quality regardless of the packing type and invites the consumer to interact with the product.


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    Trademark design, naming, design concept, packing design, pre-print

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