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    Bachus Buzau

  • TASK

    The task was to develop label design for the series of vintage wines "Terra Romena" produced by the Romanian company "Bachus Buzau"


    With the packing design for this product line the agency had to emphasize the adherence of the product to rich European winemaking tradition, as well as accentuate the wine’s region of origin. That is why our specialists have put the effort of creating a design concept that would correspond to an antique visual style.

    The general style of the packing can be described as vintage, with the respective color scheme employed. The use of special Roman font types emphasizes the adherence to classical European winemaking traditions. The ancient feel is also achieved through the use of a sealing wax tone in all of the writings. And the stylized illustration of the vineyards in the background showcases the product’s origin.

    The label was printed on special artistic paper with a distinct noble texture. Certain graphic elements were also processed through gold foil stamping to achieve the distinct vintage feel and enhance their volume.


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