VAGRUS / TM "Naomi"



  • TASK

    Trademark design, naming, design concept, packing design, pre-print


    Fruit wines are traditionally perceived as an Oriental drink since such products were known since ancient times in modern day China. That’s why the packing design of such products usually features a distinct Oriental feel depicting the cultural and geographical feature of the drink. With this project the agency’s specialists have stayed in line with the stylistic traditions by creating an integral and vivid image relevant to fruit wines.

    The design concept for this product line is based on several bright graphic elements. First, there is the stylized inscription of the trademark, which carries strong Oriental notes on its own, and is executed in a stylized vertical writing resembling Chinese characters. Second, there are the vivid and juicy images of fruits that emphasize the nature of the product and make it more exotic. Third, there are the additional Oriental graphic elements, such as the traditional Chinese stamp, ancient scroll and the illustration of a Chinese garden. The combination of all these elements creates an integral image with a pronounced Oriental character, which thoroughly describes the drink inside the package.


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