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    The “Luding” alcohol production company have approached our agency with the following task: develop a visual identity concept for their brand of wines “Tainy Kryma”. This product line includes dry and semisweet wines produced according to classic Crimean winemaking traditions.


    These wines are marketed in the medium and medium-low price segments. This is something really affordable, understandable and well-known to the Russian consumer. 

    Therefore, the main task we’ve set ourselves was the following: envision and embody in the packing the right set of messages that the target audience would easily understand and grasp.

    We had to create a solution that would “hook” the consumer on an emotional level. That’s why we’ve decided to go with the so-called “Soviet-retro-style”, which is currently rather popular on the market. The base for the concept is an idea of a postcard sent from Crimea. A card that reminds of the time well spent at the resort transitioned to the bottle’s surface.

    An additional step that increases the product’s attractiveness is the choice of material for the label. The metallic base with additional technical processing gives the label a touch of premium-level quality and sets the product apart from the rest of Crimean wines.



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