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    Design concept development for the visual identification of the "Silvano" brand. Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-press


    Taking into account the stylistic and flavor characteristics of Sicilian wines, which represent a category on its own in the general group of Italian wine varieties, the visual aspect of this product line emphasizes the unique properties of the product. On one hand, you can see the neat and somewhat negligent style common to Italian wine label design in general. On the other hand, you can easily identify certain elements that pinpoint the exact area of origin for this wine.

    First of all, there’s the styled illustration depicting an old Sicilian port. This is the place from where the large wooden barrels containing special Sicilian wines were shipped from, making their way throughout the globe. The sailboat coming out of the bay symbolizes this long journey from the port to the wineglass on the other side of the globe. Another important visual element in the composition is the trademark, represented as a ribbon, which visually joins the oddly shaped label with the bottle.

    Thorough selection of artistic paper, the use of special fonts, introduction of tactile varnish, gold foil stamping and other post-printing techniques – all this led to the creation of an original design, which neatly communicates the unique character of Sicilian wines.



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