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    Visual identity concept development for the "Silvano" brand of Sicilian wines. Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-press


    This project features two distinct characteristics, which had to be reflected in the packing of the product line. First and foremost, we’re talking about Italian wines, which have a tradition for laconic and even careless packing. But at the same time, these particular wines are produced in the south of Italy. So it was important to emphasize the southern character, the feel of summer warmth and eternal festival.

    The concept our agency came up with can be described as eclectic, combining two distinct visual styles in one single visual field. On one hand, it’s the laconic and strict Old World school of label designs, which can be seen in all the informational blocks of the label. On the other hand, the trademark logo, which serves as an eye-stopper, has a distinct southern feel, even oriental, with common oriental floral patterns and the C and R letters combined to look like a crescent. As a result, the design comes as a creative mix between European and Middle-Eastern visual traditions, which is rather common for the Mediterranean region.



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    Design concept development, trademark design, label design, pre-press

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