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    The client has tasked us to create such a design that would allow the consumer to identify the product as original Irish whiskey. Besides we also had to emphisize the product's masculine, severe, Norse spirit.


    Since Irish whiskey is considered to be one of the most gracious drinks in Europe well since the 12th century, our work has imposed setting the kind of accents that would correspond to the five rules of drinking whiskey:

    -          Look

    -          Smell

    -          Taste

    -          Swallow

    -          Rinse

    The marketing research undertaken before the creation of the design concept has shown that it’s imperative to use emerald green in the design solution, because it’s the national color of Ireland and consumers associate this color with the product’s origin. The color of the bottle was intentionally chosen to be transparent in order to accentuate the honey-amber color of whiskey in it, which in turn work very well with the green of Irish fields and hills. The design was thought to work in a way that would make the consumer appreciate the drink’s color, which invokes an atmosphere of warmth and comfort even in the coldest of days.

    Irish whiskey was highly regarded in England since the end of 19th century and that was the reason why we’ve developed a unique heraldic sign for the T&G whiskey and placed it right in the center of the label. Such signs were used in family crests among the European nobility. However, we wanted to emphasize not only the nobility and history of the drink, but also its tempered severity.

    The work on this project involved a lot of respect towards the noble drink and Irish traditions. Each person buying namely this brand sees that such a bottle can take its place not only in a private collection but even in the national museum in Dublin. 



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Your attention to detail blows my hair back, that close up does it for me. Well done on an incredible project.

@Nikola Seke @01D John Brandosterone Tnks! @Dominic Rios Sakalauskas Tnks, bro!

@Valerii Sumilov (Валерий Шумилов) I really like the design of the brand. Great work on the shape, colour and minimal detail too it. Love the lay-out, balance and I dig the use of copperplated gothic typeface with nice serif in combination. Pretty presentation however wish there was more to the it, more visuals of the design and etc....eitherway good job! If you can check out my first bottle branding-package design (Sasquatch Bourbon). Can always appreciate that. Have a good one. Saludos

мммм ями :)

Amazing work.

@Deniz KIRAN tnks!

Very nice work! @Valerii Sumilov (Валерий Шумилов)

@Marcin Kordacki @Dave Hile @Frank White @Dariusz Kopaczewski thanks a lot ! i'm glad)

Well Played! Love it!

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