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    Create packing design for original liquor


    During the development stage of this project the agency’s specialists were driven by the client’s desire to maintain the continuity of European liquors and reflect this quality in the packing design. The product line is mainly aimed towards an audience that is well accustomed to German and Dutch liquors. Because of that, the packing design had to reflect a style common for this category of drinks.

    The presented design reflects the traditions common to Western European liquors with specific ornaments a rather temperate style. It’s important to note the stylized Gothic font that is similar to those usually employed in the packing design for this type of drinks, which makes it easier to identify the style of the drink itself. Another important graphic element is the realistic illustration of fruits and berries corresponding to respective products in the line. The illustrations used look vibrant and juice, drawing the customer’s attention and informing them about the drink’s taste qualities. All these elements are linked through a traditional ornament that delivers balance to the overall composition.



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