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    The agency was tasked with the development of a package design for a series of European sparkling wines. Taking into account the product’s origin, its design had to combine a rather temperate style common to European sparkling wines, while emphasizing the festive character of the product.


    The work process for the design of the European sparkling wines Carnival was not only interesting but also rather laborious. One had to keep in mind that sparkling drinks are very popular in Europe and are consumed on a daily basis. That’s why the product’s packaging should look rather tempered, and at the same time, carry a notion of festivity to it.

    While working on the design concept, we have analyzed the best examples of European white, rose and red sparkling wines. This has lead us to the decision of using a certain bottle shape that is already familiar to the consumer and is able to draw his or her attention. This effect is further amplified by the color patterns and center-oriented composition of the label used in the design for Frizzante Carnival.

    For example, the design of the Frizzante Rouge bottle features carmine-red and pink colors, which interact effectively with the color of the drink. At the same time the golden glint in the carnival mask and the spelling of the trademark make the product stand out from the rest.

    Frizzante Muskat is also executed in a certain style common to the trademark: festive golden patterns over black and the bright-orange mask over the drink itself.

    The neck of the bottle was also executed in the golden-black pattern in order to finalize the overall design concept of the product.



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