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    Develop a design concept for a brand of Italian wines "CARI VIGNETI".


    The main stylistic imperative in this project was the necessity of emphasizing the classic spirit of Italian wines. The product had to be shown in a way so that its quality and respect towards classical Italian winemaking traditions would become obvious at first sight. That is why the overall packing style for this product line was executed in a specifically neat manner.

    The single-tone base of the label printed using special artistic paper contains very little informational elements. First of all the attention is drawn by the stylized illustration depicting a typical Italian quay with its recognizable architecture. This element communicates the wine’s origins and its conformity with classic Italian quality standards. The trademark is placed into the center of the label and executed in a restrained style, which amplifies the image of neat elegance.

    The trademark’s logo serves as a slight detour from the overall composition. It is placed at the top of the label and executed with the application of tactile varnish and gold foil. On one hand, this element looks like the famous bridge in Florence and duplicates the golden label at the bottle cap. On the other hand, the logo’s placement creates an illusion of battlement, the wall of which is the entire label. This optical illusion serves as an effective eye-stopper and draws attention even when looking through the product shelf in haste.



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