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    The essence of the task set by the client can be described by the following terms:

    1. The business and financial goal of the producer is to keep the current loyal consumer of “Syabrovka” and maximize profits by attracting new clients.

    2. Push the product to a higher pricing segment.

    3. Create a design that will correspond to the product’s new positioning.

    4. The product’s new positioning: traditional Belorussian vodka, the production of which involves the use of modern equipment and latest technologies.

    5. The new design has to maintain continuity with the old one, the product should still be perceived as a traditional Belorussian vodka that the consumers know so well. 


    SHUMI LOVE DESIGN has decided to perform the complex rebranding in three steps.

    Step #1: Competitive environment analysis and trademark development. 

    Step#2: Development of creative concepts for the packing design of “Syabrovka” vodka.

    Step #3: Technological development, pre-press, test printing.

    Complex rebranding:



    Redsign TM "Сяброука":



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