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    Our agency was set with the complex task to develop a new beer trademark: trademark naming, trademark design, bottle design, label design.


    The agency was set with a complex multi-layered task that required the development of various aspects of the product packing and an overall solution for the entire brand. In order to do so, the specialists had to take into account the numerous requirements set by the client.

    First, the brand itself supposed a rather broad target audience. That’s why we had to come up with a really folksy trademark that could be remembered and recognized easily. It had to become one with the consumer’s everyday life.

    Second, we had to take into account the client’s long-term plans for the brand’s development on the market. We had to create a design that could be easily transferred to other trademarks by the same producer in different price segments and packing types, while retaining the same recognizability and style.

    The solution presented to the client corresponds to all the initial requirements. It’s a modern looking packing that has a lot of latitude for diversifying the product line, while being bright and recognizable on the product shelf.



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