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    The main task was to create a package design for a series of Spanish wines imported into the Russian Federation. The requirement was to develop a design that would correspond to the brand’s name. Besides, the customer had to “read” the country of the product’s origin and feel it in the packing itself.


    Taking into account the fact that Spanish wines usually have a more intense and tart taste compared to other Old World wines, our specialists have taken this thought as the basis for the Paraiso Del Mar design concept.

    While creating a recognizable and memorable brand we’ve chosen to stick to a maritime theme.

    The name of the wine itself – Paraiso del Mar (Heaven by the Sea) – has inspired a certain feel while working on this project. That’s why the label features vibrant illustrations and images of sunny seaside, mountains, boats, bright house roofs and summer greenery. Thanks to this the consumer gets a whole range of positive emotions associated with the sea, sun, holiday and good Spanish wine, which makes the pleasure even better.

    In order to emphasize the accent on the trademark, the logo is featured not only on the label but also on the neck of the bottle.

    The abundance of blue in its various shades ranging from sky to deep-sea blue emphasizes the wine’s origin country, where the climate is perfect for producing quality wines.

    The latest post-printing techniques applied during the production of the label for Paraiso del Mar were all employed on high quality artistic paper. At the same time the stamping and cutting of the lower bottom of the label invoke the impression of holiday that is ready to be taken right off the shelf.



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i want to be there

great design! beautiful illustration!


If the wine tastes as good as the labels look like it means that you've got perfect product in your hands. It's really good.

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