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    The task was to develop a trademark and design a series of labels for the Italian wines "Leonardo"


    Being inspired by the name of the trademark, which refers to Leonardo Da Vinci himself, the agency has created an image that reflects the idea and character of this product. Refined, elegant and with distinct Italian nuances – this image serves the purpose of embodying the main advantages of the product and paying homage to the great master.

    The general composition is stylized as an old fresco, which reflects the artistic aspect of the product. The use of a special texturized paper for the label enhances this feeling. The main visual element of the composition is the mysterious portrait created by the great master himself, which sets the tone for all the other graphic and informative elements. Leonardo’s brief biography is placed in the lower part of the main label and emphasizes the historical role of the person.

    One should also not the name of the trademark itself that takes up a large part of the label. The writing is executed in a special font type and processed with volume lettering and foil stamping in order to attract the buyer’s attention even at a glance.



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