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    The challenge was to develop a series of labels for Italian varietal wines.


    The design concept for this series of wines is based upon the notion of contrast, which is embodied in the packing design through the combination of rather different elements. This way, the designers have emphasized the traditional spirit of European wines and a slightly rebellious nature common to Italian painters.

    On one hand, the packing is dominated by the strict and formal style expressed through straight information blocks and neat fonts. All the information about the product, including the short legend and the name of the variety, is featured in the center and top parts of the label, and corresponds to the neat style of modern European wines. On the other hand, however, the bottom part of the label features expressive graphic elements in the form of brush strokes that deliver an emotional and artistic feel to the overall composition. In order to amplify this effect the brush strokes were processed with the use of foil, which visually emphasizes them and makes the overall style contrast more pronounced.



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    Project “Italy” has been published by the design community WhyArmadillo - is a community of people, who are interested in design from both aesthetic point of view and the marketing possibilities it wields. It is a compilation of the newest and most unique designs:


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