"OK`VIN" марочный коньяк

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    Our agency was set with the untrivial task of creating a complex packing for a series of vintage brandy. 


    This project required a special approach due to the technological peculiarities of the product itself. On one hand, this is a brandy produced in Russia for the Russian market. On the other hand, the production process of this brandy is based on classic French technology. Namely these two aspects needed to be emphasized in the design.

    The style base for this product was the classic French brandy design with its temperance and specific graphic and font elements. The product’s high level is additionally emphasized by the noble golden color scheme and a range of printing techniques that make the label more refined and impressive.

    It also begs to note the design of the gift box, which is made out of wood. The temperate and slightly blunt feel of the box interplays perfectly with the refined look of the bottle, which further emphasizes the status and exclusivity of the product.



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