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    The challenge was to develop label design for the “Taraboste” line of wines produced by Chateau Vartely


    Taraboste is a word that was used to describe noble Dacians – a class of people who were highly regarded and valued as examples of conduct. Taking this concept into account the agency has focused on creating a packing that would emphasize visual temperance and reflect the historical aspect of the brand.

    The general style of the packing features a rather minimalistic feel, which fully corresponds to the concept of vintage wines. Minimum of visual elements, a bit of information regarding the product and basic technical data – that’s all to be found on the label. However, the main graphic element of the composition is an image of a Dacian nobleman based on real historical materials, which embodies the name of the brand.

    The label is printed on high quality artistic paper with a special texture. The image of the nobleman, the name of the trademark and some additional elements were also processed through gold foil stamping. The portrait was additionally processed though more intense stamping for achieving extra volume.



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Great!!!.... Good Work.. https://www.behance.net/gallery/8726817/Vegetales-en-Escabeche-Mormiran

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