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    This project was quite ambitious and voluminous. A new product had to be introduced to the market, which shares fierce competition. That’s why the main task was to make the new product stand out from the rest of competitors, attract the consumer’s attention and create a stable and memorable image for the next purchase. This all required a unique communication route to be found with the product’s target audience.


    Packing development for the brand FLY was associated with certain peculiarities that made this project really interesting. Since the main target audience for weak alcoholic drinks are teens we had to create an image that would look attractive to them, speak their own language. All at the same time, it was necessary to avoid obvious solutions that would be similar to countless products “made for teens” by adult and conservative producers.

    That’s why we came up with a solution that is both neat and vibrant with the scope to avoid overwhelming the consumer with lots of elements with an already vivid color scheme. The main stylistic element is the location sign common to virtually all smartphone map applications. This element communicates the concept of travel, active leisure and adventure, while also making a subtle play on the brand’s name. It also works as an eye-stopper, attracting the buyer’s attention on the product shelf. The main information block supports the sign contributing to the overall visual balance of the package. The back label also features additional elements such as the QR-code that emphasize the teen character of the drink.



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