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    The task was to create a design for a line of Italian vintage wines.


    While working on this project the agency was required to create an image that would correspond to the tempered character of the product. That is why the conceptual solution was executed in a neat manner, allowing the interplay of smaller details to create an integral picture in the eyes of the consumer.

    The packing can be described as minimalistic. The trademark name, wine variety, short brand legend and a pencil sketch of a bridge – there’s nothing more to be found on the label. However, the interaction of these elements on white artistic paper creates a lyrical image that draws one’s attention namely by the innuendo it wields.  This emphasized neatness is exactly what makes the packing interesting for the potential buyer.

    In order to emphasize the product’s elegance the packing uses a special type of artistic paper with a unique texture. Some elements were processed through lettering and foil stamping to enhance their volume.



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