5 ELEMENTE (белое)



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    Expand the existing product line. Create a design for a new wine.


    The brand “5 elemente”, which is well-known among high quality and exclusive wine connoisseurs, has been expanded with a new unique wine. The "EQUINOX" Equinox VieVin company that produces "5 ELEMENTE" wines is mostly known for its high quality red wines. Throughout its history the company has never produced any white wines. So it’s safe to say that the company’s new product – white, blended, matured wine “5 ELEMENTE” – is a long-awaited addition to the product line. It’s important to note that the red wine version of the label design was awarded by numerous international design communities. Without changing the successful concept, we are proud to present the design for the white blended wine "5 ELEMENTE".  



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Simple yet clever and with gorgeous finishes, love the close up pics. This is just beautiful ! Great work all!


Nice work... Epic Wine label! Félicitations!

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