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    A new restaurant in Chisinau that is decorated in the spirit of the 19th to 20th turn of the century with the use of massive wooden furniture.  The owner of the restaurant has requested a corporate identity that would correspond to the overall style of the locale’s décor.


    The main task set by the client was to design a corporate identity that would fit in organically to the overall style, concept and name of the restaurant. 


    In the process of working out a solution to the task, the agency has taken the overall atmosphere of the restaurant into account. Tranquility, romance and light nostalgia, which are associated with old photos, were taken as the basis for designing the entire spectrum of brand items. Thus the use of brown, gold and white in the design of all products. Besides, the design has also included flower and plant elements, which were in vogue over a century ago, which has amplified the link with the time period, in the fashion of which the restaurant is designed. This style serves as the key element for all the printed items and souvenirs produced for the client.


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