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    “Vladov” is one of the largest producers of natural honey on the Moldavian market. The client has requested a corporate identity that could be used both for printed materials and product labels. The only element that was present at the moment was the font, which was used in the decor of final goods.

    The main request of the client was to renew the existing logo, which employed a certain font, making it more contemporary and recognizable at the same time. Besides, the customer has voiced his desire for the corporate identity to be executed in a way, so that its elements could be used in the design of the final products.


    The new logo and corporate identity have been executed based on the old font that was used by the customer in their product labels. Besides giving the logo a fresher and more dynamic look, it has also received an addition in the form of a stylized bee image. This, combined with the dominant bright yellow palette, has amplified the association with honey, sun and bees. A wide range of printed items has been produced with the use of various printing and post-printing techniques. Whilst, some of the corporate identity elements have become the basis for label design of the customer’s final products.


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