Rohos / Фирменный стиль



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    “Rohos” is a company that is engaged in Internet-security and data protection. Having acquired a new personal data protection technology, the customer wanted to reflect it in their new logo.


    The client’s main request was to depict a new technology for data protection, which they have invented. This technology involves the use of USB cards that are shaped as keys for gaining access to personal information. Namely this element had to be depicted in the solution provided by our agency.


    Upon the client’s request, we have integrated the pivot element of their new technology into their logo – a flash-card-key, which allows the user to access his personal files. The color palette and the overall style used in the entire range of print products and souvenirs provide a strong reference to the IT domain, in which the customer operates. Various printing and post-printing technologies that were used in the process of producing the brand items have enhanced their tactile and visual effects.


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