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    Satir Club

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    “Satir Club” is a company that is engaged in import and bulk sales of wines, which are produced in various European countries. And since the company is broadening its partner list and entering new markets, they’ve felt the necessity for a new logo and corporate identity.


    The task set by the client was to design a logo and corporate identity from scratch in a way so that these elements would clearly reflect the company’s activity, and, if possible, visually rhyme with the logos of wine companies the customer works with.


    Our agency has chosen the image of a mythical creature as the basis for the new logo and corporate identity. This creature visually resembles the Ancient Greet god of wine Dionysus. First of all, the creature symbolizes the name of the company and its activity. Secondly, the style, font and color palette used in the logo and the corporate identity, have a clear resemblance with various wine labels and wine producer logos. Thanks to the additional printing and post-printing techniques the entire range of printed items and souvenirs looks very elegant and is pleasant to touch.


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    Trademark design development, design concept, corporate identity and advertising materials, pre-print

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