• In February 2013 we took part in the Beauty 2013 event. We had very high requirements for the project’s design solution right from the start. And we eventually chose a really professional team: Shumilov Valery and the SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM). We were surprised by how the agency organized their work. Everything was broken down into stages: setting the task, creating task description, working on the design. And, of course, the result! In the end we were fully satisfied with how the work was executed. 

    Ludmila Belousova. Stylist, owner “Foxy Hair Club”
  • КulturKontakt Austria wants to express its appreciation to Valerii Sumilov for the valuable training and inputs it has brought given the extensive knowledge of the market, strong communication skills and creativity and for being a reliable, efficient and responsible partner.

    Fabian Patrick Mayer. Austian Educational Coordinator “КulturKontakt Austria”
  • "Etiketka" – is a design studio with its own history, its own team, own style. What's really pleasing is their precise knowledge of printing processes, which assures perfect realization of all tasks. No "miracles", no abstractions, just taking full advantage of precise printing technologies.

    Manolis Buludov. Technical Director “Tipografia-Sirius”
  • Working with “Etiketka” agency is creative, dynamic and interesting! The products, for which the designers have developed the visual representation, are very successful on the market. Sparkling wines, wines, brandy – anything produced by the Ismail Winemaking Plant, the design of which is developed by you – is a success. Thanks to the team of professionals!

    Aliona Bidnuik. Marketing Director “Ismail Winery”
  • No need for big words, you’re the ones I’ve been looking for more than 10 years, and after finding you I’m confident in anything that comes to my and your mind! And you never know what’s on my mind...

    Igor Lukichev. Director “Satir Club”