Our work is focused in creating the perfect conditions for serving you. Due to this we’ve developed a set of principles that is used for optimizing and quickening the working process.


Each domain of our activity involves a brief (technical task) that we provide for filling out. By filling out the brief in detail you assure a perfect understanding of your goals and tasks. It also gives ground for negotiation the budget and terms of the project.


Prior to beginning the work on any project we negotiate the estimated budget. Our pricing is based on the principle of adequate payment for the creating of unique products on a professional level. In case the project is altered in a way that is not negotiated in the technical task the project’s budget will also be reviewed. The price of the project includes preparation of pre-press files and recommendations regarding the fabrication of ordered products.


We strive to fulfill all the pre-set terms. However, in many cases the terms for fulfilling the project depend on you, the client. Depending on the time spent making final decisions, providing corrections and negotiating the final layouts the deadlines can vary significantly.


Having negotiated the cost and terms of the project, we sign a contract, which reflects the obligations of all parties involved. Confidentiality – we take the obligation to not disclose any information that can be classified as trade secret to any third party without the client’s consent.


The earnest of your intentions is confirmed by signing the contract and making a 50% prepayment based on the project’s cost. Receiving the prepayment serves as a basis for starting the work on the project. After the negotiated term expires we offer at least three design concepts for review. The remaining half of the cost is paid after the project is finalized.

Refinement of concept.

The approved concept is refined to its finalized version according to your specifications and comments. During this stage we strive to collaborate with the client, offering our solutions and paying close attention to your requests.


After completely settling the payments you become the sole owner of the approved design, the original layout of which are enclosed to the act of works. Any other concepts and ideas that haven’t been accepted and approved by the client are the agency’s intellectual property. However, you can purchase the rights for these materials at an additional cost.


After completing the project we continue to take part in its future. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of quality implementation of the project. That is why we cooperate with the client in the field of quality control and product implementation.

Corporate program.

We offer various incentives to our regular clients. By signing an exclusive contract or addressing at least 3 projects per month, you receive the following benefits:

  • 10% design service discount
  • lack of prepayment
  • priority in fulfilling the projects
  • possibility of payment postponement